Engineers Week 2024

Every year, Koch Fertilizer celebrates Engineers Week by recognizing our engineers who put their talents and expertise to work every day.
Posted on Monday, February 19, 2024
Every year, Koch Fertilizer celebrates Engineers Week by recognizing our engineers who put their talents and expertise to work every day. We employ more than 150 engineers across the organization. No two engineering roles are the same in part because there are so many different engineering specialties from environmental to mechanical, chemical to project, software to process and everything in between. Plus, we take a unique approach to empower everyone to chart their path and follow their passions.

We asked some of our own how they got into the field, what they love about their jobs and what excites them about the future. 


Everyone Starts Somewhere

Just like our engineers find their way within the company, they also have very different origin stories when deciding to study engineering.

Tyler Eskue is a rotating reliability engineer in Enid, Oklahoma, who found engineering through his passion as a mechanic. 

“I found I was very interested in the why behind what I was doing,” Eskue said. “I began to ask questions and learn as much as I could about the technical side of machinery repairs and best practices.” 

Ben Williams, a process controls specialist, had a similar start.

“I’ve always been fascinated by how things work, which led me to tinker with electronics and programming as a kid,” Williams said. “I decided to make it a career when I realized I could combine my passion for technology with practical applications in industry.” 

For Davis Dunn, a process engineer, engineering was a family affair. 

“Growing up, my mom was a civil engineer, and I watched her grow in her roles and become a well-respected peer in her industry; she inspired me,” Dunn said. 

Everyone Agrees, the People Matter

While everyone’s journey has been different, all roads have led them here. And though their day-to-day job tasks may not look the same, our engineers agree that the camaraderie, collaboration and shared purpose elevate their experience at Koch.

Dunn states, “I enjoy the people I work with and the passion everyone exhibits daily.”

Jackson Lee, a process engineer at the Fort Dodge, Iowa, fertilizer plant, adds, “I really like working with the group of operators we have at the site and the team of process engineers we have in the fleet. They are great people who are always willing to help.”

Koch Methanol St. James process safety manager Kayla Beams from St. James, Louisiana, echoes that sentiment and elaborates that the company’s focus on the people makes a big difference. 

“At Koch, we focus on the development of our people, in order for the individual to become the best they can within their talents,” Beams said. “With this development, we can benefit society with the products we produce.”

The Future of Engineering

When asked what excites them most about the future of engineering, they’re in agreement again. Everyone is anticipating how the evolution of technology will impact the field. 

Dunn explains his cautious excitement, “I hope to see effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline processes and workflows. However, I also caution us to maintain the personal connections between workers and consumers so as not to rely on AI for everything.”

Beams agrees that future technology will play a significant role for engineers like her, and goes on to explain, "Future technology can further enhance our operations’ safety, reliability, environmental performance and profitability."  

Speaking of the future, our engineers offered advice for the next wave of engineers entering the field:

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions: no one expects you to know everything, especially as an intern.” – Davis Dunn

“Talk with engineers in different roles to help understand the extent of their jobs and their goals.” – Kayla Beams

“Find something you’re passionate about … life is too short to wake up dreading the workday.” – Tyler Eskue

“Sometimes it feels that what you are learning in your coursework will not be useful in the real world, but it is the problem-solving process you go through in these classes that will have an impact on your career and work post-graduation.” – Jackson Lee

“Engineering is a field that constantly evolves, so keeping up with new technologies and methods is key.” – Ben Williams

At Koch Fertilizer, we’re always looking for motivated, forward-thinking candidates determined to create a meaningful impact. Whatever your engineering background, we’ll put you in a position where you can make a difference.