Face Behind the Fertilizer: Matt Anderson

Coming from the local co-op, Matt did not have industrial plant experience, but he did not let it stop him from starting his career journey with Koch Fertilizer Fort Dodge.
Posted on Friday, May 20, 2022
Koch Fertilizer believes in the value of investing in our employees. For new operators, we provide on-the-job training and equip employees with the knowledge and skills to perform the job at hand. Matt Anderson experienced quite the learning curve when he joined the Koch Fertilizer Fort Dodge operations team in 1997. Coming from the local co-op, Matt did not have industrial plant experience, but he did not let it stop him.

“It was overwhelming to think I would have to learn how to operate all of the equipment in the plant like the more skilled operators,” Matt said. “But they taught me all I needed to know, and that motivated me to continue learning more, because there are so many interesting things in the plant.”

Fast-forward through the years, Matt became qualified in all operations areas and soon became an operations shift leader. He found shift leader to be a humbling role, because he was supervising and coaching others who were his peers before. He said, he made mistakes, but always turned them into a learning opportunity. 

“Each of my roles has been centered around operations, but has included different responsibilities in the type of support I provide to the plant.” Matt said. “I have been in supervisor roles and non-supervisor roles, yet the way you work with the people around you lets them know you are here to support them, and they are there to support you.

Today, Matt is the operations capability leader for the Fort Dodge plant. In this role, he serves as the commissioning manager for the site’s projects, such as capacity-increase and capital projects. In addition, he supports operations training for plant operators. 

Matt is fulfilled by being involved in the plant’s transformation and improvement projects. 

“Everyone on-site wants to see success with the projects they are involved in with hopes it provides the best value for the company,” he said. “It is rewarding to see a new project come to life and know you had a part in it.” 

To unwind from a busy day, Matt enjoys relaxing and spending time with his wife. Outside of work, you can find Matt kayaking and RVing. He enjoys building things and carpentry, and now helps his kids with their own home improvement projects. He also serves and the president of his church council.