Face Behind the Fertilizer: Tim Powers

After nearly 35 years in operations, Tim Powers has seen and experienced many changes along the way.
Posted on Thursday, July 8, 2021

Tim Powers has spent nearly 35 years working at the Fort Dodge, Iowa ammonia plant. When Koch Fertilizer purchased the facility in 2003, he wasn’t sure what to expect of the new culture. To his pleasant surprise, it was unlike anything he had experienced before.

“The biggest reason Koch is a unique place to work is our Market Based Management culture,” Tim said. “Everyone is striving to be all we can be, adding value, and transforming ourselves and others to add more value. My coworkers are the best and brightest, hardworking people I see everywhere I go.”

As the rotating equipment lead, he leads a team and ensures rotating equipment runs smoothly for the production of ammonia and UAN fertilizers. He spends time visiting with maintenance and operations technicians to get their perspective on how things are running.

Through the years, Tim has seen and experienced many changes, but one of the biggest evolutions has been the transformation of daily operations.

“What we do at work today does not resemble that from 34 years ago when I started,” Tim said. “When I was a new operator, we used pencil and paper to log temperature and pressure readings every two hours. Now, those same indications are captured electronically and recorded. We have trending and alarming capabilities, and even smart algorithm programs that can predict potential abnormalities or incidents before they become an issue.”

Seeing these advancements come to life is just one of the many exciting parts of Tim’s career. Another rewarding part of Tim’s career is being a supervisor.

Tim has had many mentors throughout his career and strives to help as many people as he can. Over the years, he’s grown as a supervisor and learned to apply Market Based Management principles to mentor his team, build their capability and help them succeed.

“I want to make sure my coworkers understand I care and am available to help them in any way I can,” he said. “I want to see them succeed at meeting their goals and be fulfilled.”

When Tim is away from work, you can find him at home enjoying time with his family. He and his wife of 31 years have four kids and were blest with the birth of their first grandchild in June.