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Essential products. Environmental stewardship.

Manufacturing and a healthy environment aren’t mutually exclusive. We believe responsible management of our environmental resources is vital to providing products and services that help people improve their lives, while using fewer resources and respecting the environment.

Environmental Priorities

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Discover new technologies and methods to create more value for our customers while using fewer resources, minimizing waste, and improving the environmental performance and effectiveness of our products and processes.

Energy Efficiency
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Continually improve energy efficiency and develop innovative technologies, which will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Air Quality
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Seek new ways to reduce and improve air emissions.

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Explore new opportunities to reduce water consumption and improve the quantity and quality of water discharge.

Responsible Resource Management
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Ensure our resources are managed to create value for Koch and our constituencies.

Environmental Stewardship in Action

Every day, across our sites, we strive to create more value, using fewer resources than the day before. We do it by constantly improving and innovating — both in the products we make and how we make them, and by managing our resources in a way that benefits our customers, employees, partners, community members and society.

  • In 2017, Koch Fertilizer Enid was honored as the first recipient of the Water for 2060 Excellence Award by the Oklahoma Water Resources Board in recognition of water reclamation efforts at the newly expanded nitrogen fertilizer plant. Part of the facility’s expansion included a 26,000-square-foot water treatment facility that aims to save more than 4 million gallons of drinking water per day.
  • In 2019, our plant in Beatrice, Nebraska became one of the first fertilizer plants to earn U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) prestigious ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance. The certification recognizes facilities performing in the top 25 percent of nitrogenous fertilizer production plants in the U.S. for energy efficiency when compared against the Energy Star benchmark. In 2020, both the Beatrice and Enid, Oklahoma plants earned ENERGY STAR certification. Most recently in 2021, our Beatrice; Enid; and Fort Dodge, Iowa plants all earned ENERGY STAR certification.
  • In 2017 and 2021 Koch Fertilizer, as a subsidiary of Koch Industries, earned the ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year Award, in recognition of its superior energy management practices.
  • Recently, our Brandon, Manitoba facility completed a groundwater remediation project to address nitrogen contamination that occurred prior to Koch Fertilizer Canada acquiring the site in 2006. The team spent several years researching and monitoring the situation to find a sustainable long-term solution. They installed a $2.3 million (CAD) permeable reactive barrier — a giant underground water filtration system using mulch and compost to purify water — designed to improve groundwater quality by as much as 90%. The system should last for 15-20 years before needing fresh mulch and compost material.